Skin eating drug: krokodil

Scientits can use codeine to make some desomorphine. This drug can alleviate pain, and more importantly it is an anti-cough. Some places around the world do not use prescription for this ingridient.

Codeine is often sold as tablets, which make it more cheap than any other format. But here is the catch: its effects are ten times more intense than heroine! You just add that to the ever increasing desire of drug addicts, who search for new drugs to mix with the usual ones.

Krokodil is the last in a row of dangerous drugs. It will be toxic to the human skin, because of the mixture of what is generated during the process of synthesis of desomorphine. The problem is that you get an itchy sensation, which rapidly escalate. Sometimes it hurts to so much that it sparks a desire for amputation, as it can create the conditions for gangrene or infection.

What make it so dangerous is its fast addicting power. It numbs quickly the mind, starting a new craze. And there is a paradox: this drug in uncontrolled, due to the absence of a prescription due! Which it make senseless this administration, revealing a hole that can only be explained by marketing decisions.

Even with alcohol alone, krokodil can easily provoke an overdose. Opiates have this risk too. Even on a free market, some opioids like this one should be regulated. Codeine is not such a non-threatening substance.

This drug is only to be prescript by a licensed doctor, and for therapeutic purposes only.  It cannot be used by other addicts (who use methadone) and it must never be used for non-medical purposes.

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